Make 2023 Your Best Haymaking Year

May 9, 2023

Hay season, especially first cut, is one for the senses. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cut hay, the sound of smooth running equipment mowing, raking and baling, and finally the sight of neatly stacked bales stored away, waiting to be fed. 

To get the most out of your 2023 hay season, start with high functioning, reliable tractors and equipment and keep these handy tips in mind. Get ready, first cut will be here before you know it!

Pre-season Prep

Start hay season off right by thoroughly inspecting all equipment, including tractors, mowers, tedders, rakes and balers. Fuel equipment, check belts and chains, grease fittings, and fix or replace any necessary concerns. 

If you’ll be traveling on the roadway, ensure the lighting equipment, reflective material, and slow-moving vehicle signs are functioning and visible to motorists. 

When it comes to getting hay equipment ready for the field, be sure mower blades are sharp or new, equipment is clean and free of any built-up debris and all features and monitors are functioning. Test everything before heading to the field to make sure baler twine and wrap runs smoothly, checking the gearbox for fluid levels and quality, and inspecting bearings throughout each machine for wear and to ensure optimal operating condition. Short on time or want an expert opinion? Talk to your local dealer about Kubota’s baler maintenance program to ensure your equipment is field-ready.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is always the best approach to keep equipment in peak operating condition. Consult your operator's manual (available on the myKubota app) for proper maintenance and operating procedures. Planning ahead by stocking up on any parts you may need can prevent untimely interruptions. And don’t forget to reach out to your local Kubota dealer to source Kubota Genuine Parts and answer any questions before you head to the field. 

Getting your equipment field-ready ahead of hay season will ensure smooth operations and reduce unnecessary downtime or delays.

In-field Performance and Productivity

When it comes to making quality hay, you need the right equipment for the job. Consider adding an M6 series tractor to your lineup. Outfitted with the latest technology that’s ideal for hay and livestock operations, the M6 series tractors offer exceptional standard features designed for hay season, including:

  • Xpress Restart - This feature gives the operator the ability to come to a stop using only the brake, no clutch pedal required. With the Xpress Restart, the operator can stop the tractor by only touching the break while the baler is being tied or wrapped and then releasing the bale. Once the bale exits the baler, the operator can remove their foot from the brake to resume working speed.

  • Loader Joystick – Created for comfort and functionality, the loader joystick features transmission controls for changing the direction of the tractor, as well as the ability to shift up and down through the powershift gears, providing you with control of the tractor without having to take your hand off the steering wheel. This feature is especially convenient for moving and stacking bales.

  • Shuttle Shift Modulation – Designed for smooth operation, this feature enables you to adjust how aggressively the transmission shifts between forward and reverse, helping the operator dial in their efficiency.

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